Archive | September 18, 2012

Greetings Everyone!

Greetings Alumni and Friends!  Over the past few months, we have been working tirelessly to streamline the online communication resources that are available to, you, our wonderful alumni.  At this point, we are pleased and ecstatic to announce that our hard efforts have proven demonstrable results.  As you can see, you are now perusing the new MVSU Alumni News Space.  We will be featuring news that highlights various alumni chapters, key alumni events, and alumni accomplishments.  In addition to the MVSU Alumni News Space, we encourage you to visit the “Alumni & Friends” section on the MVSU website ( to review the new changes that have been made.  By the way, we welcome any suggestions that you may have to offer on how we can improve our efforts to better communicate with you all.  Feel free to send your suggestions to

This year our alumni efforts are centered on alumni engagement.  We are so very proud to have 14,000+ MVSU alumni, and it is our deep hope that each of you would continue to offer your support to the University by making a personal commitment to engage with all efforts stemming from your esteemed alma mater, Mississippi Valley State University.

Speaking of commitment, did you know that this year our athletic support campaign focuses on the principle of Commitment?   Because there is an ever pressing need for commitment in both athletics and other areas, we have decided to adopt the Committed slogan for alumni as well.  So, ARE YOU COMMITTED? I surely hope so!  Alumni serve as an important and essential component in ensuring the sustainability of this venerable institution.  I hope that each of you would consider making a daily commitment to MVSU. We should always pledge our love and commitment to MVSU every day, not just at the moments that are most convenient to us.  MVSU needs committed alumni that are willing to provide financial support as well as participatory support.

Hope to hear from you all soon! Your feedback is essential!